The Tour de France

Beginning in Corsica on June 29 and finishing in Paris on July 21 this will be the hundredth anniversary of the Tour do France, making it an even more special event than usual.

One thing that you can bet on is the fact that there will be more money wagered on the Tour de France this year than ever before. It is a fun event to bet on, and as there are 22 individual stages there are plenty of opportunities for doing so.

It is an event in which you need to pay very careful attention to the betting odds as they can move around rapidly. If you can pick a few good competitors with long odds you can make a fair amount of money; however once they start performing well the odds can shorten very rapidly so you need to strike while the iron is hot.

A hot tip for now is a bet on Bradley Wiggins who won the 2012 Tour de France. The odds on him winning in 2013 are around 16/1 and even though he has not been performing at his highest standard he still has a good chance of winning; so place your bet now, as it is unlikely that you will find a more valuable bet at the moment.

The Tour De France attracts a great deal of betting, but so too does Pedal Power. Pedal Power is a cool Tour De France themed slot.

Its format is the standard five reel 15 payline video slot, but there are some novel features that make it a particularly enjoyable slot, especially if you are a fan of cycle racing. The sights and the sounds of the event are all there, and there are some particularly interesting features inducing the bonus jackpot of 400,000 coins which should be enough to keep you inspired.