Sir Chris Hoy supporting Bate-Lowe create her own legacy

Only the abundance of natural talent is not enough of a reason to explain how Lauren Bate-Lowe, the teenager from St. Helen’s went from a casual cyclist to become one of the country’s elite cyclists but she doesn’t want to spill the beans just yet and wants people to keep on guessing.

Bate-Lowe took up cycling seriously just last year and after spending just nine months on the fringes and the same experience on the track, the 14 year old made her way in to the Olympic Talent Program of British Cycling.

But she did mention the name of one cycling legend as her inspiration to push herself and be the best in what she does – Scottish and British Olympic legend Sir Chris Hoy.

The Olympic Games at home in London in 2012 was a experience earning one for the youngster and she is keen on breaking down more barriers as she tries to achieve her own dreams of Olympic legacy, just like the Glaswegian Hoy.

She stated that it has been a good start to the year and although she has been cycling for just a year now, the progress she has made is very quick but everything still seems new to her. She has rubbed shoulders with Sir Chris Hoy on more than one occasion and these meetings with the cycling legend has inspired her to write her own cycling legacy.

She stated that it was great to have the support SSE Next Generation and it will help her buy equipment she needs and also make marked progress. She added that it was nice to meet Sir Chris Hoy adding that she rode with him some time ago and to be recognized by him was brilliant.

They also had a brief chat about sprints and it was a great experience for her too.