Schleck Happy Running Bike Shop

The 2010 Tour De France racer Andy Schleck retired from the racing field in 2014.

He has such a huge fan following and has a lot of friends in the cycling industry. Now, he has a full-time job that he is very proud of. He opened a bike shop in Itzig last year and is now busy looking after the shop. He opened the bike shop along with his father-in-law JeannotDelvaux by renovating a barn in Itzig.

There are three bike brands that feature in Schleck’s shop and they are Focus, Trek, and Cervelo. Trek is his former employer. Apart, from the bikes, Schleck also sells three clothing brands in the bike shop. The brands are Castelli, Craft, and Bontrager. This is not all. The bike shop also runs a small exhibition space that has souvenirs of Schleck’s cycling career. There is also a café in the bike shop. So, all in all, this is a very good bike shop where one can check out bikes, cycle wear and also get a peep into the cycling career of Schleck.

Schleck said that he is happy to share his love for the bikes and everything that he has gained in his illustrious career with his bike clients.

He is there full-time at the store and looks forward to welcoming all the bike lovers that visit his shop. Schleck said that he has opened the shop targeting the bike lovers. This is why his shop sells electric bikes, city bikes for children, racing bikes and mountain bikes. His shop also offers three year payment facilities for high-performance bicycle enthusiasts who do not have all the money to pay upfront for the bike.

It was his persistent knee injury that made him retire in 2014 at the age of 29. Now, he is happy to be engaged full time in the bike shop.