Australia cycling looking for successor as Evans plans retirement

Aussie cycling zone is looking for an able successor at present as Cadel Evans declared about possible retirement plans of late. Though the riding great has not yet confirmed anything about the retirement but speculations are on that Evans is about to call quits from February 2015.
The 37-year-old rider is the first Tour France winner of Australia and is currently with BMC Racing. According to sources, he would be off-contract with his team by the conclusion of this ongoing season & is soon to declare his future decisions by the last of this month- prior to bidding for 2nd world title at Spain.
The media speculations are pointing towards Down Under Tour 2015 as Cadel’s farewell race which he is supposed to follow up with Great Ocean Road Race scheduled to take place near Melbourne. It’s going to be a single day event that has been named in the honor of the star rider & the race track runs through Barwon Heads, Evans’ home town.
Cadel’s 2011 win in the most esteemed cycling tour of the world heightened profile of cycling in Australia and hence naturally his retirement plans would come as a heavy blow for the entire Aussie cycling sector. According to Cycling Australia President Malcolm Speed Evans’ retirement would be deeply felt by Down Under cycling community.
“I think that there would be some serious impact as he retires yet I feel that he would stay a true icon for the cyclists here”, remarked Speed.
“There’re other emerging champs coming up & hopefully we would be able to come up with a good successor who would be able to replicate Evans’ success with great wins in one among the grand events in the next 2 years. Yes, he has been a great influence for Aussie cycling but then again he is supposed to move on some day.”

SA Cycling prepped up for 2014 Youth Nanjing Olympics

4 young riders would be reportedly representing SA at Nanjing Youth 2014 Olympics that is soon to start this weekend- the esteemed championship will commence on August 16 & continue till 28th of this month.
BMX racers Maia Rawlins & Alex Limberg, road racer Iva Venter & mountain biker Pebae (Lebo) would tackle diverse riding disciplines in Olympics team event.
It would be an interesting affair as all 4 of them are supposed to go beyond their specific comfort zones at the Ninjang which also deserves great applaud for their sheer courage.
Rawlins and Limberg would contest in Road Race, BMX & cross-country MTB Eliminator events whilst Pebane & Venter would race in Road Race, Time Trial & Cross-country XCO MTB events.
.In cycling disciplines, 3 gold medals would be awarded to the winners at Nanjing Youth 2014 Olympic- for the Junior Men (squads of 2 men), for Junior Women (squads of 2 women) & for Junior Mixed squad Relay (squads of 2 women & 2 men).
The 4 cyclists would be accompanied by Margot Gerber (Code Manager of the Team), Tyron Johns (Team Coach), SA Cycling’s BMX Commission Dir., Development officer of KZN Cycling & Academy Manager of KZN BMX.
The rider profiles would be released in detail within this week.
YOG is one among the most elite sporting championships today for the young athletes, aged between 15 -18 years. What makes the event unique in comparison to other forms of youth sporting championships is its unique CEP (Culture & Education Program) that involves five major themes- Social Responsibility, Olympism, Expression & Well-being, Healthy Lifestyles and Skills Development.
28 sports have been featured on this summer programme. Besides, CEP offers participating athletes a great opportunity to gain knowledge on how to become a real ambassador for their sport.

A Freewheeling Ride For 3 Corridors Of Cycling

DULT have planned out a way to lay down cycling tracks throughout Bangalore. So the enthusiasts of cycling have something to harp upon. The tracks have been segregated into three Yelahanka, HSR Layout and Jayanagar. The report has to be implemented.

The lanes of cycling in Jayanagar are proving to be misused as parking spots. For this project the lanes will be segregated by using curved stones and other midfields. The changing of signals and junctions will also be done for proper demarcation for cyclists and pedestrians. The project of HSR Layout will cover a stretch of 13.5 km and will cost in core 13-14. The lanes will be made wide enough for passage of traffic both the ways.

In Bangalore currently the percentage of cycle riders have gone down over the years. In fact a similar model is going to be implemented on the 12 roads after the repair work has been done. The path will also cover MG Road with wide roads and pavements. Yelahanka will also witness a cycling event every Sunday of each month. The President of YUVA gave its approval and MoU has also been signed.

To keep up the pace, plans of comprehensive mobility in Mangalore, Mysore, Tumkur and Hubli-Dharwar will also soon see the tracks. Mysore will see the maximum benefit with project of bicycle sharing which targets stations of docking that too 52, railway stations, bus stands and tourist destination. In this way the tourists can get on to the cycles and sight see. The planning seems to be good but the implementation work has to be seen and if completed it will be great for the people of Bangalore who aim to ride on a bicycle and roam about freely enjoying the adventure.

Sir Chris Hoy supporting Bate-Lowe create her own legacy

Only the abundance of natural talent is not enough of a reason to explain how Lauren Bate-Lowe, the teenager from St. Helen’s went from a casual cyclist to become one of the country’s elite cyclists but she doesn’t want to spill the beans just yet and wants people to keep on guessing.

Bate-Lowe took up cycling seriously just last year and after spending just nine months on the fringes and the same experience on the track, the 14 year old made her way in to the Olympic Talent Program of British Cycling.

But she did mention the name of one cycling legend as her inspiration to push herself and be the best in what she does – Scottish and British Olympic legend Sir Chris Hoy.

The Olympic Games at home in London in 2012 was a experience earning one for the youngster and she is keen on breaking down more barriers as she tries to achieve her own dreams of Olympic legacy, just like the Glaswegian Hoy.

She stated that it has been a good start to the year and although she has been cycling for just a year now, the progress she has made is very quick but everything still seems new to her. She has rubbed shoulders with Sir Chris Hoy on more than one occasion and these meetings with the cycling legend has inspired her to write her own cycling legacy.

She stated that it was great to have the support SSE Next Generation and it will help her buy equipment she needs and also make marked progress. She added that it was nice to meet Sir Chris Hoy adding that she rode with him some time ago and to be recognized by him was brilliant.

They also had a brief chat about sprints and it was a great experience for her too.

Hoy talks about the Commonwealth Games

Sir Chris Hoy the cycling legend from Scotland says that he is enjoying the rivalry with the English team. All the nations are gearing up for the upcoming Commonwealth Games which will be held in Glasgow this year. Sir Chris Hoy’s has been full of events and the legend has won the Olympic gold medal for a record 6 times.

He was in the British team when he competed in the Olympics and he felt great to ride side by side with his team members in Great Britain and he feels that the level of competition has increased from then onwards. He recalled the days when he participated in the Commonwealth games and won the gold medal in Manchester in the year 2002 and the next in Melbourne in the year 2006. He said that although you are competing with other nations and also your team mates there is a special feeling when a rider reaches the finishing line in these events and luckily for him he has been able to do it several times.

The 37 year old legend who retired last year also said that the Commonwealth Games are very unique for the British athletes as it is one of the greatest stages where they can perform for their nation. When asked about his experiences in 2002 and 2006 he said that it was a great time when he and his team mates trained together as a team of Great Britain.

One reason why he always favored the national championships is because he liked the unity of the riders. All of them came from different teams and it was great to gather together and train and share each other’s experiences. He was also asked about his sprint in Melbourne to which he said that it was a special feeling as the bragging rights, the pride and the medal was at stake.

Caleb Wins Again

Caleb Ewan has secured another win at the nationals- It was the second national winning for the rising Aussie star leading him to finish his last under-23 national with élan & flamboyance.

The NSW rider came up with a fantastic race and outsprinted the rivals in lead group winning on the esteemed 132.6 kilometers under-23 road racing championship at Buninyong, closer to Ballarat.

The win was a mighty follow-up of Ewan’s dominating win a few days back in under-23 cycling national criterion.
The 19-year-old went into 2 races as sprinter to beat & he had to withstand enormous pressure to land up with the prestigious titles.

“It is really special”, remarked the young winner. “It’s my final under-23 cycling national title & hence having 2 wins on a row evoke a wonderful feeling.”

Caleb is aptly dubbed as “once-in-a-genre” talent and would be joining up with the premier Aussie squad Orica-GreenEDGE come August.

But prior to it, he would be competing for Down Under Tour for the first time which is scheduled for January 19 to 26 in Adelaide. With two national medals in his bag, the NSW sprinter is going to have a really confident debut.

The NSW sprinter would be racing for UniSA composite squad at Down Under Tour where he would be contending against internationally acclaimed sprinters such as the German duo Marcel Kittle & Andre Greipel.

Brad McGee, Ewan’s coach, said that the rider won’t be any shy rookie heading to Adelaide for a top-level experience. “He is really calm & cool on outside yet underneath Ewan is just like a furnace brimming with great ambitions. Cadel knows the art of controlling it- he would go there to race on with the world-class riders & would definitely show himself. He won’t be complacent at the race”, said the proud coach.

Thomas Prepping high for World Championship

The brave Welsh rider Geraint Thomas who showed up a gallant fight in Tour France despite pelvic fracture is now back to rigorous training to make it big in World Championships. The 27-year-old Team Sky rider has confirmed good health lately and is prepping high to support Chris Froome in achieving the coveted rainbow jersey in the Florence championship.

Thomas hurt his pelvic on the initial stage of 2013 Tour de France but maintained enormous perseverance till the last stage. His gallant fight even in times of serious injury played a major part in securing Froome’s bid for the desired yellow jersey at 2013 Tour de France. Thomas was prescribed for two week-long rest, post the Tour.

However, the Welsh Olympian is back in training now and targets success with his team in trade-team time-trial event at Florence World Road Cycling Championship. The World Championship is soon to start from September 22. He also hopes to be an able support for Froome when the Tour France hero will be competing for rainbow jersey 8 days later. If Froome wins this year, he would be the 3rd road race world champion from Britain after Simpson (1965) & Mark Cavendish (2011).

While approached to speak about his anticipations regarding World Championships, Thomas confirmed that it’s going to be hugely challenging owing to repertoire of impressive bikers participating in the race. “There will be a huge lot of strong bikers who are able to present a powerful performance on the circuit. When Cavendish won there were just 3-4 sprinters with winning potential. But this time there are more number of cyclists & more attacks. Italy will show up with a super strong fight and then there are the Spanish, Australians and Colombians”, Thomas emphasized while speaking about the neck to neck competition at the World Championship.

London about to witness £148 Million Investment

Recently the British PM hosted a cycling event around the country with an intention to promote cycling. The increased number of cars and vehicles are creating much pollution and traffic in the cities of London now.

David Cameron who is the current Prime Minister or Britton has good belief that his decision to invest 148 Million Pounds to the cycling mission will get successful and become revolutionary. A cycling event was held in the name of Prudential Ride London Festival in order to make the citizens aware about this mission. Well, the successful participation of people in the event showed their support for an Eco friendly and innovative London.

The main purpose of bringing about this revolutionary change will be to replace as many cars as possible with the bikes. It is healthy to the rider at the same time pollution free to the environment and atmosphere. The investment includes both local and national contributions and this amount will be spent for various means in such a way that benefit the cyclists. This will surely bring more participation from the people. The efforts of All part parliamentary Cycling Group are very much sound in these processes. According to their recommendations and interest, 8 main cities are now getting around 77 Million Pounds for different needs.

Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford, Newcastle, Cambridge, Norwich and Bristol are those major cities that are getting better benefits. According to the plans both the cities and national parks will be included in the project and these are the main locations where cycling will be greatly promoted. Authorities are planning to set up great facilities for the welfare of the cyclist. High standard cyclist lanes and networking facilities are one of the major attractions that will be made reality in the near future.

Petacchi Signs Up With Omega Pharma

The Omega Pharma team seems to be in a powered up state these days. Alessandro Petacchi, has joined up with Mark Cavendish’s team post retirement. The Italian cycling pro is a 6-times stage winner in Tour de France and has reported to stay with Omega Pharma till the end of coming year.

Petacchi would be starting his second innings post retirement on August 8 at the Kortrijk criterium which would be followed by his participation in the Eneco Tour (7-stage) which is scheduled for August 12 to 18.

While approached on his decision to join up with Omega Pharma after retirement, the ace Italian biker noted that he is in the team to provide some additional power backup to Mark’s leadput train that has started to falter since Manx’s move from the Team Sky. “I have joined up with this group planning some different role. I am focused to be one of the valuable team players, specifically regarding sprints”, stated the new Omega Pharma rider. “My main aim here is to stay functional to this team whenever necessary & to utilize my experience to shape up younger riders”.

The distinguished Italian rider started his 2013 season with participation at Lampre-Merida yet announced his retirement plans in the month of April – he was planning on making a living out of football betting instead.

However, reports came out soon highlighting the ace sprinter’s move to the esteemed Omega Pharma as a step to buck up Cavendish’s team for Giro & Tour de France. Petacchi’s move was vetoed initially by UCI since bikers are not permitted to shift in between teams till the opening of biking’s transfer window on 1st August.

On further questions about his second innings Petachhi seemed extremely elated. “I have been pretty lucky to experience great thrill in my long biking career. To come back in my game even at this age is always something really incredible”, shared the biker.

Appeal against Blood Bag Destruction

The world of sports had been hit by the biggest case of doping with Lance Amstrong scandal. The sandal shook every nook and corner of the sports world and not just the professional cycling world. It was expected that the UCI will act very firmly now and deal with strictness each and every pending doping case. But the scenario is completely adverse with the UCI taking no action. Seven months have passed since it last acted on the US postal and Amstrong case. This has really offended the head of US Anti-doping agency, Travis Tygart. He said that seven months have passed since the agency submitted reports about doping cases that need immediate attention. But UCI has failed to take any kind of action.

The action is required to respect the fair play spirit and honest values of true players who are completely loyal to the game. The Olympic values that are cherished by the honest sportsmen deserve some respect and action against the dishonest is the only way. Tygart was happy with the ongoing appeal and protest against the decision of destroying all the evidence and frozen bags of blood that were found in the Operation Puerto case. The Spanish court of Madrid had earlier passed the decision that the blood bags need to be destroyed.

The decision has forced the World Anti-Doping Agency to fill an appeal and it has been supported by various other international sports fraternity. The doping ring was run by Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes who served the sportsmen with blood doping facilities. He has been banned for two years. But the destruction of the blood bags will prevent the anti-doping authorities to test the blood and see if they have association with any rider. A total of 211 bags of blood were found in a raid conducted by police in the office of Fuentes.