Former world champion Marianne Vos has made quite an impressive comeback in her cyclocross career at scheldecross.

Vos who had not raced in a while got off to a good start in her return. Despite being put at a disadvantage by a back row start position, Vos had gained enough momentum to feature in the front line placing at the finish line.

In the fifth round of the ijsboerkr ladies competition, she had started the race at a position behind the front line, yet the seven time world champion of the cyclo cross made her way gracefully to the front of the race held in Antwerp Belgium. The race had a surprisingly fast pace despite the generous distributions of sand sections and the riders seemed unhampered as they pedaled on to the finish line.

As the race progressed steadily, Vos seem to have encountered some difficulties as halfway through it, she had begun to slow down and fade back. However, the 29-year-old rider did not disappoint, as she was able to finish at fourth position, the Dutch cyclist had finished in just under a minute behind the race winner sane cant.

Back in January 2007, Vos had won the scheldecross without much difficulty. This was her first cyclocross race ever since the 2015 UCL world championship held in Czech Republic where she had ended in the third position. Vos currently holds no position in the UCL cyclocross ranking seeing, as she had not participated in a cyclocross race for over a year.

This was the reason why she had started with a back row position in Antwerp because the ranking is used to determine start positions in subsequent races. It was apparent that she had given her best.

She said” “I’m satisfied but I feel really tired now.”

This was a few minutes after the race in an interview with Sporza. The start had seemed easy for her to overcome and she is happy with her performance at the outing.