London about to witness £148 Million Investment

Recently the British PM hosted a cycling event around the country with an intention to promote cycling. The increased number of cars and vehicles are creating much pollution and traffic in the cities of London now.

David Cameron who is the current Prime Minister or Britton has good belief that his decision to invest 148 Million Pounds to the cycling mission will get successful and become revolutionary. A cycling event was held in the name of Prudential Ride London Festival in order to make the citizens aware about this mission. Well, the successful participation of people in the event showed their support for an Eco friendly and innovative London.

The main purpose of bringing about this revolutionary change will be to replace as many cars as possible with the bikes. It is healthy to the rider at the same time pollution free to the environment and atmosphere. The investment includes both local and national contributions and this amount will be spent for various means in such a way that benefit the cyclists. This will surely bring more participation from the people. The efforts of All part parliamentary Cycling Group are very much sound in these processes. According to their recommendations and interest, 8 main cities are now getting around 77 Million Pounds for different needs.

Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford, Newcastle, Cambridge, Norwich and Bristol are those major cities that are getting better benefits. According to the plans both the cities and national parks will be included in the project and these are the main locations where cycling will be greatly promoted. Authorities are planning to set up great facilities for the welfare of the cyclist. High standard cyclist lanes and networking facilities are one of the major attractions that will be made reality in the near future.