Joanna Roswell competes every single time

In comparison to other riders such as Victoria Pendleton, Sir Bradley Wiggins and Chris Hoy, Joanna Roswell has not been able to create as much sensation as them.

She is hailed as the star which is unsung of the cycling track of Britain yet she has claimed victory in almost every track which is an achievement in itself. She is a Commonwealth Champion, European Champion and Olympic Champion.

Last year, the team of British track did not perform in as expected in Cali but amidst all the chaos Roswell was lost but she did get two gold medals. Everybody criticised for the bad performance but she performed well.

She beat Sarah Hammer in a marvellous way which was precisely by 1.2 seconds. Lizzie came into the team and both Lizzie and Roswell are close knit friends and shockingly Lizzie also stated that Roswell does not get the kind of attention she should have got. Her incredible performance over the short distance, determination and work ethics of her as well as of the team are worth noticing. It is a myth that is surrounded over her age which is that people consider her to be old but in reality she is just 26 years of age.

Every time she tried to compete in the team she has always won. She grew up in London but she does not remember whether she rode on the bikes. In the BMX event which was her first race she came last when everybody else was crashing out of the bike and coming for the second time but then there was the second race in which as well she came last. She was highly inspired by Wiggins when he procured gold in Athens. The year is a special one for her as she is going to get married.