Hoy talks about the Commonwealth Games

Sir Chris Hoy the cycling legend from Scotland says that he is enjoying the rivalry with the English team. All the nations are gearing up for the upcoming Commonwealth Games which will be held in Glasgow this year. Sir Chris Hoy’s has been full of events and the legend has won the Olympic gold medal for a record 6 times.

He was in the British team when he competed in the Olympics and he felt great to ride side by side with his team members in Great Britain and he feels that the level of competition has increased from then onwards. He recalled the days when he participated in the Commonwealth games and won the gold medal in Manchester in the year 2002 and the next in Melbourne in the year 2006. He said that although you are competing with other nations and also your team mates there is a special feeling when a rider reaches the finishing line in these events and luckily for him he has been able to do it several times.

The 37 year old legend who retired last year also said that the Commonwealth Games are very unique for the British athletes as it is one of the greatest stages where they can perform for their nation. When asked about his experiences in 2002 and 2006 he said that it was a great time when he and his team mates trained together as a team of Great Britain.

One reason why he always favored the national championships is because he liked the unity of the riders. All of them came from different teams and it was great to gather together and train and share each other’s experiences. He was also asked about his sprint in Melbourne to which he said that it was a special feeling as the bragging rights, the pride and the medal was at stake.