Cycling Lanes Extend From 2030 To 850km RTA Plans

Roads and Transport authority and International Association of Public Transport in three days Exhibition in Dubai
has declared that cycling lanes will expand threefold by 2030 up to 850 km and the current cycling track is 316 km.

RTA Director Mona Al Osaimi of strategic planning said “The RTA wants to make Dubai one of the best cities and to provide cycling lanes and to support non-mechanical mobility means. Also, they have a comprehensive plan to support cycling mobility and support walking in Dubai with the help of six pillars like care of pedestrian cities, the development of modern cities, paying attention towards six lanes, develop legislation against private vehicles, support public transport mobility and to improve benefits related to outlets and pavements in the emirates. To elaborate the public transport which has reached 551.7m last year.

“More bike lanes and walking lanes should be created so as to make Dubai the most walkable warm city in the world” said by an international transport expert. Brent Toderian said “As the Dubai population is growing it is the challenge to provide mobility to people with less space, less cost and the solution is not to build more roads for cars.”

Kristin Brink also added “Mobility through walking and non-mechanical means that people should share bicycle between them as it is adopted by several global cities for that government has to adopt a proper environment and to encourage people.

Antony Rinaldi, development manager also focused on walking and cycling and also check the medical statistics which said that cyclists are six times healthier than non-cyclists. Encouraging people for cycling directly linked to construction of cycling lanes and facilities associated with it. It doesn’t mean that soaring temperature will become an obstacle for cyclists in summer.

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