Astana Team To Be Evaluated By UCI’s License Commission

The license commission of the International Cycling Union is all set to evaluate the anti-doping policies and management of Astana cycling team. The UCI has requested the commission to do so because of the three recent doping cases involving Astana team riders which have caused a lot of controversy in the world of cycling.
Two riders of Astana Team- Valentin and Maxim Iglinskiy were both tested for the blood booster called erythropoietin (abbreviated as EPO) which is officially banned and the test results for both of them were positive. Due to this, Astana team had been warned by the UCI that the team would face scrutiny in the future.
However, UCI was forced into action after giving this warning because of another doping case related to another Astana team rider- llya Davidenok. During the 2014 Tour de l’Avenir in the month of August, llya Davidenok was tested for certain kind of steroids and he was notified this week that his results were positive as well.
Davidenok can ask for his sample ‘B’ to be tested. However, UCI has provisionally suspended Davidenok according to its Anti-doping Rules. Anti-doping practices of Astana team have raised several concerns among the authorities because of the three doping cases and the UCI’s license commission is going to review all of these practices.
On 10th of October, 2014 Astana team had released a statement that the team will absolutely not tolerate any unethical activity or instances of doping. The team also confirmed that no other rider or official was aware of the events and an internal inquiry is also being carried out.
UCI statement made it clear that the team officials have to meet the officials of the license commission within say about one month so that the assessment can be done and decisions can be taken in relation to the three doping cases.