Armstrong Stripped of Titles and Banned for Life

American cycling legend Lance Armstrong will indeed be stripped of the record seven titles that he won at the Grand Tour de France and will also be banned from professional cycling for the rest of his life after he decided not to fight the charges of doping leveled against him by the US Anti Doping Agency.

Armstrong released a statement on Thursday night that he will not challenge the allegations of doping against him at the end of the deadline period for him to formally challenge the allegations.

Annie Skinner, a spokesperson for the US Anti Doping Agency has stated that all the results that he has achieved since the 1st of August, 1998 will be wiped off his records and he will also be banned from professional cycling for life in an e-mail statement. She added that a formal statement will be issued later on Friday.

The attorneys of Lance Armstrong sent a letter to the US Anti Doping Agency saying that the legendary cyclist would not seek arbitration of the accusations leveled against him by the agency, which alleged that he had used as well as trafficked prohibited and banned doping substances. Armstrong also made it clear that these allegations against him were clearly part of an “unconstitutional witch hunt”.

Armstrong released a statement where he stated that he would have jumped at the chance of fighting these charges against him if there was the slightest chance of him getting a fair trial. He added that he refused to participate in this process since it is almost clear that the affair will be one-sided.

Lance Armstrong won seven consecutive titles at the Tour de France, the most prestigious title there is in professional road cycling between 1999 and 2005 after making a comeback to the sport after being diagnosed with testicular cancer.