Arabian gulf was a good decision

After the Middle East got chosen for the cycling tours, the leading cyclists are very happy about the change. According to them, the excitement of cycling would reach a new height altogether. This opinion had been placed by Alberto Contador in particular.

In the third Tour de France title the cycling road map also included Oman. Recently, desert swing has also been included in the European tour alongside the Arabian Gulf because of its increasing popularity. Hence tour of Dubai is likely for the upcoming year alongside the tour of Qatar which has been in the history of cycle race for over 11 years from its start.

The leader of the Saxo-Tinkoff team, Alberto Contador believes that by the time the road maps will be in the Arabian Gulf, the main hotspots for cycle racing will have time for pulling up their economic condition given the international economic downturn still haunting these hubs. And he has told the reports that chances are likely that the result from Muscat could recur in the upcoming tour de France. More sponsors from the Arabian countries can invest in the sport which would actually prove to be quite beneficial to the same.

Europe is currently running out of sponsors for the cycling races and the tours and hence such an approach provide a better impetus to the sport alongside challenging landscapes that would help to increase the thrill of the sport, believes Alberto Contador.

At the same time, the weather is also better there hence hopes are high for the upcoming tours. Alberto is particularly excited about the difference that the new kind of roads would make to the game citing examples of Tour of Oman which was graced with the presence of a lot of eminent riders.

However the details about Dubai 2014 tour are yet to be finalized.