A Freewheeling Ride For 3 Corridors Of Cycling

DULT have planned out a way to lay down cycling tracks throughout Bangalore. So the enthusiasts of cycling have something to harp upon. The tracks have been segregated into three Yelahanka, HSR Layout and Jayanagar. The report has to be implemented.

The lanes of cycling in Jayanagar are proving to be misused as parking spots. For this project the lanes will be segregated by using curved stones and other midfields. The changing of signals and junctions will also be done for proper demarcation for cyclists and pedestrians. The project of HSR Layout will cover a stretch of 13.5 km and will cost in core 13-14. The lanes will be made wide enough for passage of traffic both the ways.

In Bangalore currently the percentage of cycle riders have gone down over the years. In fact a similar model is going to be implemented on the 12 roads after the repair work has been done. The path will also cover MG Road with wide roads and pavements. Yelahanka will also witness a cycling event every Sunday of each month. The President of YUVA gave its approval and MoU has also been signed.

To keep up the pace, plans of comprehensive mobility in Mangalore, Mysore, Tumkur and Hubli-Dharwar will also soon see the tracks. Mysore will see the maximum benefit with project of bicycle sharing which targets stations of docking that too 52, railway stations, bus stands and tourist destination. In this way the tourists can get on to the cycles and sight see. The planning seems to be good but the implementation work has to be seen and if completed it will be great for the people of Bangalore who aim to ride on a bicycle and roam about freely enjoying the adventure.