Australia cycling looking for successor as Evans plans retirement

Aussie cycling zone is looking for an able successor at present as Cadel Evans declared about possible retirement plans of late. Though the riding great has not yet confirmed anything about the retirement but speculations are on that Evans is about to call quits from February 2015.
The 37-year-old rider is the first Tour France winner of Australia and is currently with BMC Racing. According to sources, he would be off-contract with his team by the conclusion of this ongoing season & is soon to declare his future decisions by the last of this month- prior to bidding for 2nd world title at Spain.
The media speculations are pointing towards Down Under Tour 2015 as Cadel’s farewell race which he is supposed to follow up with Great Ocean Road Race scheduled to take place near Melbourne. It’s going to be a single day event that has been named in the honor of the star rider & the race track runs through Barwon Heads, Evans’ home town.
Cadel’s 2011 win in the most esteemed cycling tour of the world heightened profile of cycling in Australia and hence naturally his retirement plans would come as a heavy blow for the entire Aussie cycling sector. According to Cycling Australia President Malcolm Speed Evans’ retirement would be deeply felt by Down Under cycling community.
“I think that there would be some serious impact as he retires yet I feel that he would stay a true icon for the cyclists here”, remarked Speed.
“There’re other emerging champs coming up & hopefully we would be able to come up with a good successor who would be able to replicate Evans’ success with great wins in one among the grand events in the next 2 years. Yes, he has been a great influence for Aussie cycling but then again he is supposed to move on some day.”