Appeal against Blood Bag Destruction

The world of sports had been hit by the biggest case of doping with Lance Amstrong scandal. The sandal shook every nook and corner of the sports world and not just the professional cycling world. It was expected that the UCI will act very firmly now and deal with strictness each and every pending doping case. But the scenario is completely adverse with the UCI taking no action. Seven months have passed since it last acted on the US postal and Amstrong case. This has really offended the head of US Anti-doping agency, Travis Tygart. He said that seven months have passed since the agency submitted reports about doping cases that need immediate attention. But UCI has failed to take any kind of action.

The action is required to respect the fair play spirit and honest values of true players who are completely loyal to the game. The Olympic values that are cherished by the honest sportsmen deserve some respect and action against the dishonest is the only way. Tygart was happy with the ongoing appeal and protest against the decision of destroying all the evidence and frozen bags of blood that were found in the Operation Puerto case. The Spanish court of Madrid had earlier passed the decision that the blood bags need to be destroyed.

The decision has forced the World Anti-Doping Agency to fill an appeal and it has been supported by various other international sports fraternity. The doping ring was run by Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes who served the sportsmen with blood doping facilities. He has been banned for two years. But the destruction of the blood bags will prevent the anti-doping authorities to test the blood and see if they have association with any rider. A total of 211 bags of blood were found in a raid conducted by police in the office of Fuentes.