Resolving Armstrong’s case is necessary

Anne Gripper, an ex-anti doping chief of International Cycling Union (UCI), says that she is happy with the investigations made by USADA regarding Lance Armstrong’s case and supports the ban on him.

Gripper played a crucial role in introducing the blood passport system. She also took some major steps to protect the sport of cycling from going into wrong direction, as you would remember.

Gripper kept mum regarding Lance Armstrong’s case, USADA’s procedure and UCI’s role about it. But recently she said that she fully supported the lifetime ban on Armstrong. Moreover, she also judged the decision of stripping Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles as a right one. She has complete faith on USADA, especially on Travis Tygart, the chief of United States Anti Doping Agency. She said that she has been familiar with Travis and she could assume that he is capable of dealing with such cases.

Gripper didn’t want to speak about Armstrong’s guilt as she has no detailed information. But what she told is that the USADA is one of the best investigation agencies in anti-doping segment and they would certainly come up with the right verdict. Gripper also asserted that for the sake of cycling this Armstrong case is needed to be resolved as soon as possible. She is still of the opinion that the cycling world hasn’t yet out of danger. But she said that time would definitely heal the injuries.

There might be issues from the past which would try to embarrass the sport but UCI needs to be strong. According to her, this Armstrong case is biggest outbreak in the recent years and it needs to be resolved soon. And she also said that UCI must support USADA’s actions regarding the case.